ZapCoil. The ultimate charging cable experience.

quick charging cable

Quick charge

Our cables support fast charging to universal standards, straight out of the box.

types of micro usbc

Multiple connection options

USB C, Micro USB, Lightning Port… anything goes.

fast data transfer speed zapcoil

Fast data transfer

Charging isn’t the only thing we can do. Data transfer between your devices is seamless and fast.

Get Tidy. It takes any shape you want.

The only cable that can be folded into a coil in seconds and use way less space than usual. Make your charging space better looking than ever!

No more hanging cables

Simply coil it back after you finished charging. It takes less space and doesn't get in the way.

The perfect travel charging/data cable. Hands-down!

Easier than ever to store it without getting it tangled with other wires. You can pack more zapcoils together and they won't get mixed.

The world’s first charging cable of its kind!

ZapCoil is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Our cables are up to speed. ZapCoil is rated for fast charging, data transfer, and it is also compatible with wireless fast charging technology. What's best, you're getting every connection type you could possibly want.

You'll never want to use your old charging cable again.

If this won't make you addicted, we'll refund your order in the first 30 days after ordering!