Zapcoil. The charging cable that doesn't get tangled.

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Works with any phone​

USB C, Micro USB, Lightning Port…
anything goes.

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Quick Charge

Our cables support fast charging to universal standards, straight out of the box.​

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Fast Data Transfer

Charging isn’t the only thing we can do.
Data transfer is seamless and fast.

tidy and organized

finally. no more tangled cables

makes driving safer

great for traveling

Fast USA Shipping

We do our best to maintain our standards of getting the products to you as soon as possible, and in our experience, that happens in about 4 days or less.

Shipping cost

If you order for $30 or more, you'll get FREE Shipping. Because we don't have a big margin on our product, we do take a small $5 fee for shipping.

30 days Free Return

If your cable doesn't fit your device or needs, you can always return it within 30 days of receiving your order and we'll cover the shipping cost. No questions asked.

fun to play with

unwind just like that


Are magnets near my phone safe?

We have done extensive research to make sure the magnets won’t affect your other electronics. Your phone, laptop, and everything else is going to be safe.

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Can I use ZapCoil with my computer?

Yes, you can use ZapCoil to charge your phone from your laptop or transfer data between them. We’re working on a USB C to USB C cable that supports 5A/100W PD for charging any compatible laptop.

Where do you ship from?

We currently ship exclusively from our USA warehouse.

Does it come in black color?

We curently don't produce the black cable version.

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